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Tracey Chapman

Give Me One Reason To Be Here, Tracey Chapman Music Video, also features Diane Reeves…(Read More)

Four Women

Best Short Film Made by a Woman (1974) Miami International Film Festival…(Read More)

Diary of An African Nun

An African nun is consumed by fear and doubt about her decision to take the solemn vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Her anguish intensifies night after night as she lies on a hard bed in her small room at the convent and listens to the rhythmic, beckoning drums of her village…(Read More)


Illusions (16mm, b&w reversal stock, 30 mins., 1982) cinematography, Ahmed El Maanouni, written and directed by Julie Dash. The short film depicts an African American woman, Mignon Dupree, passing as a white woman in the Hollywood film industry during the 1940s. Mignon meets Ester Jeeter, a young black singer hired to re-voice…(Read More)