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Subway Stories: Tales From The Underground – Sax Cantor Riff The actual experiences of New York City subway riders are dramatized in a collection of 10 intriguing and very different vignettes. The tales showcase an ensemble of familiar faces, and range from stories of compassion and love to reflections on violence and loss. Among them: Sax…(Read More)

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Breaths is a music video featuring the world famous accapella voices of Sweet Honey in the Rock,  and made as a stand alone for the documentary film…(Read More)

My Marlton Square

My Marlton Square depicts the current conditions at Marlton Square in the Los Angeles Crenshaw district, this short documentary features Brenda Shockley, President and CEO of Community Build, Inc. and  interviews with local residents, and  Youth Leaders presenting their new plan for Marlton Square. &nbsp…(Read More)

Praise House

Praise House, (25 mins.) commissioned by Alive From Off Center, KTCA,  is a collaboration between The Urban Bushwomen and filmmaker Julie Dash. “Draw or Die” is the divine imperative received by the painter, Hannah, the heroine of Praise House, who is being nurtured by her Grandmother, but controlled by her pragmatic mother. When her Granny…(Read More)

Women: Stories of Passion

Grip Till It Hurts,  tells the story of a high spirited young woman, Maya, who works as  a Key Grip on a film production crew comprised of attractive, strong, sexy film professionals. The athletic and alluring Maya falls for one of her geeky producers, Alex, and she takes her time seducing him. “Grip till it…(Read More)


Relatives, (Super-8, short, 1989), commissioned by Alive From Off Center Television is a collaboration between the New York avant-guard dancer and performance artist, Ishmael Huston-Jones, Cinematographer Arthur Jafa and Director Julie Dash.        “Ishmael Houston-Jones is a remarkable artist committed to the themes of social justice and personal witness that…(Read More)